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June 4th, 2003
Some quick news on the I''s anime for anyone that doesn't already know. ;) I''s was released as a two episode OVA in Japan and has yet to be licensed. In my opinion, I hope Pioneer gets it. ^__^ Until they do, I suggest that you try to find the fansubs. I found the art and new story interesting, but it was too short. ~_~ Also, the cliff-hanger that episode one leaves you with leaves you feeling kinda funky and wondering how this fits in with the manga... It doesn't really. Like I said, this is a new storyline for I''s, so give it the same kind of go that you gave VGAi, or DNA², when you first started watching.

Itsuki from I''s!
I''s is finally getting an anime conversion!  This is pretty big news since this is the first anime conversion of one of Katsura-sensei's manga since DNA2 in 1994.

Check out the official site for more information!

If you don't know, I''s is one of the newer of Katsura-sensei's works (1999).  It is a shonen romance story with many heart-wrenching twists and turns.  But unlike his other stories Video Girl Ai and DNA2, there are no sci-fi elements whatsoever.  It is a very good series and I recommend it to any VGAi fans out there.

Again, if you have any comments and suggestions please e-mail me.

Hello everyone! Being a fan of the VGAi series, I found it a little sad that this classic site was being ruined by those Geocities ads and bandwidth limits. Now that the site is hosted on my webserver, hopefully more people will be able to enjoy the site than before.

Also, Kelvin has given me permission to touch up the site a little bit. No major layout changes, but I do plan on making the site a little more tidy.  I will also update the soundtrack and links sections too.

Well, thats it for this update.  See you again soon!

Noel Herradura

The Video Girl Ai Manga and Anime Resources has moved! A very big thank you to Noel Herradura for kindly hosting this site. I can now accomodate the contents of the entire gallery and you should find all files to be online. The allowed bandwidth is five times more then that given by geocities, so you shouldn't be barred from the site often, if at all. And no more of the cute banner popups. In short, all the problems with geocities is now solved.

I have graduated from college and will start work soon. I doubt that I would have much time to do updates on this site. Mr Noel's offer to host my site had prompted me to at least make sure everything is in order before...well...stopping updates indefinitely. Therefore, acceptance of new images and VGAI information will stop as of now. Please direct all submissions to the other VGAI sites on the net. Thank you for all of your kind support up till this day. (^_^)/~~

Kelvin Goh

20/03/2002 [Finally UPDATED!!!!!]
Yes, I know the gallery links were broken. For years. BUT NOW THEY ARE FIXED!!! ENJOY!!!!! (Errr... btw my page quota is full... so the last some 15 pictures are still offline. Nothing I can do about it... sorry)

I haven't visited this site for so so so long and it is really very nostalgic (sp) to see it again... and wow, the hits had gone beyond 100,000 hits. Despite the LACK OF UPDATES and BROKEN IMAGE LINKS... I know the gallery is a main reason for all the visits. Another reason are the translations, which are luckily still around. I think it just means one thing :


The number of internet users worldwide had grown exponentially.


Yep, thats the main reason I think. And not due to any work on my part. (I didn't do anything anyway) But at least I can claim to have made a website that generated 100k hits hehehe...

So many things broken... counters down... page stats down... banner exchange out of operation...guestbook dead... AND THE DAMN CAP ON BANDWIDTH ON GEOCITIES PAGES. Now Yahoo Geocities of course. My mailbox is flooded with their warnings. Its like visiting some abandoned monument. But the visitors kept coming.... ( ToT )m..... A sincere 'Thank you' to you all.

Well, there's much changes in my life too. But I share not bore you with the details. Email me if you want to talk to me, or thank me for my update (hehe) or to curse me for taking so long (3 long years). Anything would be a nice change from all the spam I am getting lately.

Anyway, farewall all. And a long farewell it is going to be. Some of us won't get to meet in this life. So... till the next update, if I am still alive and the internet still exists.

VGAi link : Video Girl Ai Tribute and
general anime link : Ranma 1/2 : A Panalize World had been added. (Links for details)

My first update for the new year! This site is now a year and 8 days old!

As if in reply to my early posting, I've received a record number of image contributions, 14 from Ms Federica and 3 from Jim Zubkavich. Sincere thanks to both.

Jim is also finished with his Ai-chan model. Click here to take a look at his great colouring job.

Seems like some Japanese girls have made a hobby of dressing up as anime and video game characters. It is called 'Cosplay' and you may click here to see some photos of two of them in very authentic looking video girl Ai costumes. Thanks to Fábio Fusaro for alerting us via the VGAi ML.

This site is featured in the Last Exit Before Toll (Feburary's edition) of the Anime Web Turnpike!

17 new pictures uploaded. (Gallery for details)
A new link has been added. (Links for details)

Well, this is my first update in 2 months. Sincere apologies, all. My exams ended sometime in Nov, and subsequently I went to Korea (South) for my holidays.
It was cold there. Having never been to a temperate country before this, I wasn't prepared for the -11°C temperature they have in Seoul. It is a beautiful country,with lots of monuments. Tried to find some anime related stuff but failed. Heard afterwards that Koreans still bear some resentments towards the Japanese for the 36 years of occupation. Not sure how far this is true but the only Japanese stuff I see there are electronic goods. No Japanese music, anime, manga etc. Well, I did see a dubbed version of Magic Knight Rayearth on their TV station, but that's it. I bought a pack of Hanafuda cards (the game they play in Sakura Wars). Turns out that it is not exclusively a Japanese game. The Koreans play it too, but they call it Hua to or something.

Back to the site :
Noticing a significant number of hits from Japan, I did a Japanese translation for this index page. You can find it here. My Japanese sux though. If you are fluent in the language and could take the time to help me look through it for mistakes, I would take it as a personal favour. ^_^
Also, I'm here again to plea for contributions. Pictures, opinions, news... whatever. Anything for a more productive update.

The old Intro

Welcome to the Video Girl Ai Manga and Anime Resources. Through this website, I hope to share some views on the Video Girl Ai series as well as to make available for download some pictures and songs from the Anime.

I am from Singapore and first started reading the VGA Manga sometime in Nov 97. I was very impressed with the artwork, story and the powerful characterization. I bought the VCD for the VGA Anime late Dec 97 and am still watching it for the nth time! (not anymore. In fact I am watching full metal panic now) It is, for me, a great introduction into the vibrant world of Japanese comics and animation. To vent my enthusiasm (or obsession) for Video Girl Ai, I decided to create a website to publish my views and opinions on this great series. Hence, the Video Girl Ai Manga and Anime Resources...



An introduction to the sections on the site...

What's New - Updates on changes and additions to the site. Then again, its more of an updates history.
About Video Girl Ai - General Information on Video Girl Ai, the Manga and the Anime. For those unacquainted with VGA.
Character Profiles - A detailed analysis of the six main characters in the VGA Anime. Images included!
Video Shop Gokuraku - An in-depth study of Video Shop Gokuraku and of Video Girls in general, the two vital elements of the Video Girl Ai series.
The Soundtrack - Information on the two existing volumes of Video Girl Ai Soundtrack. Total of 14 RealAudio.
Picture Gallery - Screen grabs from the VGA Anime, scans from the Manga and contributions of any sort from other fans.
Translations - Fan Translations to the VGA Manga. Section set up on 23/08/98.
Links - Links to other Video Girl Ai pages as well as some other cool Manga / Anime sites.


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